The Seeds of Autumn is a music project born out of a suburban mid life crisis.
My name is Keith Marshall and The Seeds of Autumn (tm) is the name I produce music under.
For those who require an explanation: I am in the autumn of my years and I hope my music will bear fruit.    :-)
These words are also found in the lyrics to Autumn Tactics by Chicane.
Now I'm starting out at a time when most others finish up (one way or another). Mainly because powerful music tools are now cheap enough to be within many people's reach. I do the composing, arranging and recording using little more than a laptop computer.


Multi-instrumental, jazz studies, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and far too many bands over the years that collapsed under the weight of their own egos. The only common outlet was rock cover bands if you wanted to make music in the suburbs, which frustrated me from doing the type of music I wanted to do.


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