Why I don't want kids

I believe the world is on a downward trajectory and I don't want to put my kids in a hostile environment.

  • In Australia, as elswhere, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer at an increasing rate. The methodology behind this involves greed, desire, status, fear, corruption, cronyism, denial, elitism, and thc abuse of power at many levels. I don't want to place my kids into a world, this world, that is designed according to these principles.
  • I don't believe I would make a good father figure because I am too passive & unassertive & unaggregate & can't command other men and amass enough resources for my kids to have enough power & resources to have good quality lives.
  • I don't believe I can successfully insulate my kids from drugs, crime & exploitation.
  • I don't believe that even an upper middle class income is enough to provide an adequate education these days.
  • I believe the world is already so overpopulated & polluted that average quality of life is inadequate.
  • The higher the population, the more competition for my kids to keep their heads above water. I don't want my kids to compete that hard to survive.
  • I believe that anybody who brings children into the world is ultimately responsible for anything bad that happens to their children, because they always had the option to choose to not bring children into the world. And I don't want that responsibility.
  • In this corporate working world, human beings are routinely de-humanised, labeled as labor capital, independent economic units, or simply human resources. I want my kids to be thought of, and to think of themselves as something more than an asset.
  • The patenting and corporate ownership of human genes could mean that my descendants could be both products and property of a corporation within 200 years. I don't want to give them the option.