I can't believe we would all just piss this world away.

Sure, I'm a hypocrite, but we're all hypocrites to some extent.

These 'fools of power', these politicians and businessmen who feed both us and themselves a neverending diet of pure bullshit and denial: they must in some way believe their own crap in order to be convincing. They must have lines of logic in their brains that are as looped as Klein Bottles.

They are like recalcitrant children, utterly entrenched in their irrational position until the bitter end. When they apologise, they come out with lame excuses: they 'couldn't see what was coming', it was 'totally unexpected'. This is a bit like complaining about the walls you walk into as you stumble about while all the time refusing to open your eyes.

They deserve what they get, and it is as inevitable as the seasons: just put any one of their lives under the microscope and you can see it. Their own children are most likely to develop medical or psychological conditions, their home life will always be unsteady, and they will receive flawed information just when it is most crucial. Their entire life and environment is pathological.

I feel better now.